Compatible Devices and Browsers for the Climate Action Kit and micro:bit

Here you will find a list of all devices that you can use with your Climate Action Kit and micro:bit

Compatible Devices
  • Windows PCs
  • Mac Computers
  • Linux Computers
  • Chromebooks (ChromeOS)
  • Android Tablets

Recommended Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge

Please make sure your browser is also up to date as this can affect the connectivity to the micro:bit.

Incompatible Devices and Browsers

  • iPad (any generation) - Unfortunately, at this time the iPad currently has difficulty consistently connecting and communicating with the micro:bit which is essential for the operation of the Climate Action Kit. 

Ipad support is currently under review and development. No timeline is available at this time for general compatibility. 

  • Safari - Despite this browser's popularity it currently does not support WebUSB connections and therefore will not connect to the micro:bit.
  • Firefox - Similarly, this browser does not support WebUSB so the micro:bit will not connect as required.
  • Internet Explorer - Microsoft has discontinued support for this browser since 2022 and as a result, it is now exceedingly out of date and would not be compatible.